Special Forces Charitable Trust

Give peace of mind to those who serve.


The Special Forces Charitable Trust is dedicated to the sole proposition of taking care of our Special Forces Soldiers and their Families….  Our goal is to raise funds necessary to financially and professionally enhance the Command’s family resiliency initiatives.  Our objective is to support and sustain all programs that enrich the well-being, healthy living, and strong family bonds of a Green Beret Force committed to keeping America safe.


The Special Forces Charitable Trust financially supports the programs that promote the well-being, healthy living, and strong family bonds of our U.S. Army Special Forces and their Families to improve the quality of their lives while enhancing mission readiness.

The SFCT is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

For more information, please call 860-767-1510 or email info@specialforcescharitabletrust.org.

Our Three Program Areas:




The Special Forces Community

There are currently seven Special Forces Groups, two of which are National Guard Special Forces, which are headquartered in seven states: Washington, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, Utah, and Alabama.  The National Guard Special Forces Groups also have subordinate units in 17 states. Special Forces Soldiers are also headquartered in Okinawa, Japan and Stuttgart, Germany.

Special Forces Soldiers’ missions involve: Counterterrorism, Direct Action, Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance, and Unconventional Warfare. The global security environment remains one of uncertain and persistent conflicts, wherein our nation’s Special Forces will continue to play a leading role in waging unconventional warfare and building partner nation capacity.

The Green Berets motto, “De Oppresso Liber”, means “To Free the Oppressed”; that motto reminds us all that freedom is not free.  Known as the “Quiet Professionals”, Special Forces Soldiers maintain a proud history of not seeking recognition for their deeds, but recognizing that they are accountable to the American public.  These “Quiet Professionals” represent 62% of the casualties in the Special Operations Community since 9/11, and the need for their special brand of military expertise has never been greater.

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