Family & Community Support

Separation brings a certain kind of stress to any family. For a Special Forces family, that stress is multiplied by the very real risks their soldiers face in the line of duty.

Our “highest priority” is providing the support and assistance that these families need and deserve.​​​​​​​

Education & Motivation

The Special Forces Charitable Trust provides funding for a variety of scholarship programs that benefit our Green Beret Soldiers, Veterans, their spouses, and their children. 

Veterans & Heritage

A huge part of the Special Forces Community is our Veterans and their Families. The Special Forces Charitable Trust is committed to supporting their legacy, ensuring their welfare, and providing assistance where and whenever possible. 

HOW WE HELP​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Special Forces Charitable Trust delivers critical, enduring support through comprehensive programs and services that improve quality of life and enhance mission readiness for the U.S. Army Special Forces Community – past and present – and their Families.

Special Forces wives and Families have amazing stories to tell if we will only listen. Their husbands and fathers train hard, pushing themselves beyond physical and mental limits, living in harsh conditions and racing into harm’s way to liberate the oppressed in the farthest corners of the world.

Special Forces (Green Beret) Soldiers are the Quiet Professionals, heroes who get the job done. But just as heroic, and just as quiet, are the wives and families left at home.

“In a Special Forces Family,” they say, “we ALL serve.”

The Special Forces Charitable Trust is here to support these Families before, during, and after each soldier’s deployment. We want families to know that their sacrifice of daily life apart from their Green Berets is both seen and honored by people who care. No Special Forces Family should go without the financial, educational, and emotional support they deserve while their soldier is deployed.

We want the Special Forces Soldier to know that his family is in good hands – that we are looking out for them so he can remain steadfast and focused on his mission. If there is an emergency at home while he is away, he deserves, and needs, to know that there is a group of people here who will step in and help.

Our commitment to the Community we serve isn’t limited to existing programs. The Special Forces Charitable Trust will respond to any request made on behalf of a Special Forces soldier or family member.

Donate today to the Special Forces Charitable Trust. It’s up to all of us to honor and care for Special Forces Families.