Veterans & Heritage…

A huge part of the Special Forces Community is our Veterans and their Families.  The Special Forces Charitable Trust is committed to supporting their legacy, ensuring their welfare, and providing assistance wherever and whenever possible.  This includes, but is not limited to:

•  Hosting receptions for our recovered MIAs from Southeast Asia.

•  Hosting and/or funding receptions and monuments for our SF Medal of Honor recipients

•  Assisting with the funding of memorials and monuments in honor of SF Soldiers killed in action.

•  Sponsoring professional counseling services for Soldiers and their Families.

•  Supporting advocacy programs that assist SF Soldiers and their Families in filing for (and management of) Veterans Administration benefits.

•  Supporting the annual Special Forces Association National Conventions.

•  On a case-by-case basis – providing emergency financial support for SF Veterans.

To see recent examples of how The Trust provides Veterans & Heritage Support, click here.