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Spousal Scholarships

Special Forces Charitable Trust grants multiple scholarships to Special Forces Spouses every year.  Earlier this month, we received an essay from an SF wife from the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) that outlines the reaon why we find these scholarships so important and meaningful.


“We, as military wives, are often putting our lives on hold.  We carry the role of single parent more often than not, and it’s a struggle to manage the day-to-day chaos.  However, I feel it’s important to provide a good example for our children, as well as ease the financial burden on our husband’s that work so tirelessly.  I’m always encouraging spouses to further their education, which will, in turn, allow for better opportunities and higher paying jobs.  For those that choose to work, a college education is a worthwhile investment.  For those that would rather not work, a degree provides a sense of financial peace in the event they’re needed to return to work.” – 3rd SFG(A) Wife

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We are proud to say that we were able to award over $125,000.00 in scholarships in 2016.  These scholarships included spousal scholarships for Special Forces Soldiers’ spouses and merit-based scholarships for children of Special Forces Soldiers and Special Forces Veterans.  This was made possible through generous donations made to our Education and Motivation Programs.

Spouse Mentorship Program

On October 14th, the Special Forces Charitable Trust was able to fund a Spouse Mentorship Program for wives of soldiers in the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) through our Education and Motivation program area.  This event, which was designed as an interactive scavenger hunt, was beneficial in giving these women the support that they deserve.

Spousal Scholarships

In the past two months, The Special Forces Charitable Trust has been able to grant seven Spousal Scholarships through generous donations made to our Education and Motivation Programs. These scholarships help to fund continuing education for spouses of Special Forces Soldiers.